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Joey Schmidt-Muller

Past Solo & Group Exhibitions

2021/2022 "The 3 Year of Corona"

Juni - "Volta" Art Basel Woche, Galerie Uzelgecici-Schmidt, Adana, Türkei

Mai - Art Revolution- Finalist, Taipei, Taiwan

Dezember - Februar 2022, Gruppenausstellung, Israeli Art Market Gallery,  ISR

2021 "The 2 Year of Corona"

Dezember - Gruppenausstellung, Novum Galerie, Art Center Basel, CH

September - Oktober - Solo Show "Goya ruft die Geister", Kunst im Petershof, Basel, CH

September - Virtual Exhibition  "Goya ruft die Geister", Basel, CH

April - Contemporary Istanbul 2021, Galerie Uzelgecici-Schmidt, Adana, Türkei

März-April - Art Ankara 2021, Galerie Uzelgecici-Schmidt, Adana, Türkei

März - Atelierausstellung, Basel, CH

Februar - "Artist Choice VI", online exhibition, Camelback Gallery, USA 

2020  "The Year of Corona"

verschoben auf 2021 - Contemporary Istanbul 2020, Galerie Uzelgecici-Schmidt, Adana, Türkei. 16.-20. Dez. 2020

November - Art Center Basel - Gruppenausstellung, Galerie Novum Basel, CH, 20. Nov.- 22. Nov. 2020

Oktober - 5 Jahre Kunst im Petershof - Gruppenausstellung. Basel, CH, 1. Okt.-28. Nov. 2020

August/September, Zwischenzeit im Petershof, Basel, CH

August - Artavita Virtual Exhibition, USA

März - Art Ankara, Galerie Uzelgecici-Schmidt, Adana, Türkei. 12-15. März 2020


"Kristallnacht". Solo Show, Galerie KunstRaumRhein, Dornach/Basel, Switzerland. 9.11. - 07.12.2019

Kunstmesse "Art Market Budapest", Gallery A-Space, Budapest, Hungary

18. Dortmunder Museumsnacht, Dortmund, Galerie Art Event Team, Germany

Visionary Art Trip,  St. Petersburg, Russia

Art Revolution Taipei - Finalist 2019, Taipei, Taiwan (International Artist Grand Prize of Taiwan)

Chang Liu Art Museum Taipei, Taiwan


Chan Liu Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Art Revolution Taipei - Finalist 2018, Taipei, Taiwan (International Artist Grand Prize of Taiwan)

Solo Show Kettenschmiede Museum & Kulturschmiede, Fröndenberg/Ruhr, Germany

Red Dot Miami, Miami,USA

2. Art Lingen, Galerie Atelierspuren, Lingen/Ems, Germany

10. ART KAMEN, Kamen, Germany

Hommage à Francisco de Goya, Stadtgalerie, Lünen, Germany

Hommage à Francisco de Goya,  Haus der Kamener Stadtgeschichte, Kamen, Germany

Benefizausstellung "Untitled Kunst", Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Atelierausstellung, Basel, Switzerland


Solo Show "Soiree in Berlin", Berlin, Germany

XI.Biennale Florenz, Florence, Italy

Solo Show 17. Dortmunder Museumsnacht, Galerie, Dortmund, Germany

“ArtBox Project" @ Basel Art Weeks 2017, Basel Switzerland

Solo Show "Natron", Galerie Kunsttiegel, Unna, Germany

Art Exhibition, Kunstverein Duisburg, Duisburg, Germany

1. Biennale Pratteln, Pratteln, Switzerland

Atelierausstellung, Basel, Switzerland


"Ganzfrei5" Kunstverein Duisburg, Duisburg, Germany

"Ouvert et Solidaire", Galerie Visarte Kunstraum M54, Basel, Switzerland

9. Art Kamen, Kamen, Germany

Atelierausstellung, Basel, Switzerland

"Entree & Hommage", Galerie Visarte Basel, Switzerland

Solo Show "Das Kunstspektakel", Galerie Kunsttiegel, Unna, Germany

"Biblische Inspirationen", Stadtkirche Unna, Germany

Art`Pul Spot, Eupen, Belgium

"Sparda Tag", Kunstverein Duisburg, Duisburg, Germany

"Heartbeat" Video, Basel, Switzerland


17. Art International Zurich, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Zürich, Switzerland

Solo Show "Blaue Ölkreide unverblümt & schwarze Holzschnitte abgedruckt", Galerie Anschnitt, Dortmund, Germany

Art Fair Berliner Liste, Berlin, Germany

Solo Show "Live Stream" & Group Exhibition White Cube, Rheinfelden-Herten, Germany

Solo Show "Vogel Gryff Affair II - The blind Passenger", Basel Art Week, Basel, Switzerland

Rhy Art Fair Basel, Basel Art Week, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Basel, Switzerland

Solo Show "Cat Walk Switzerland", Rhy Art Fair Basel, International Artist Positions, Basel, Switzerland

Art`Pul, Pulheim, Germany

"4 Künstler", Galerie Gunzoburg, Überlingen, Germany

Artexpo New York, New York, USA

"Über den See", IBC- Ausstellung im Roten Haus, Meersburg, Germany

"Happy Birthday 100x100", Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Backnang, Germany

Kunst Messe Frankfurt, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Frankfurt, Germany

18. Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, USA

Atelierausstellung, Basel, Switzerland


"Köpfe 3", WerkKunstGalerie, Berlin, Germany

Art Fair Spectrum Miami, Miami, USA

Solo Show "Traumatische Sachlichkeit - Eine Retroperspektive", Galerie Ars Nova, Lörrach, Germany

ArtDesign Feldkirch, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Austria, Germany

Berliner Liste, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, Germany

"Red Balloon - The Vogel Gryff Affair", ART Basel, Switzerland

15. See(h)Straßengalerie, Radolfzell, Germany

Atelierausstellung, Basel, Switzerland

Solo Show "Kunst im Foyer", Sammlung Endress & Hauser, Maulburg, Germany

"Nachlese", Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil a. Rhein, Germany

Solo Show "The Red Balloon Extension - a night to remember", Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil a. Rhein, Germany


Art-Fair, Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil am Rhein, Germany

Red Balloon, Rheinfelden, Germany

Bric-a-Brac, Galerie Haus zum Wolf, Basel, Switzerland

Objects, Galerie Haus zum Wolf, Basel, Switzerland

Atelierausstellung, Basel, Switzerland


Solo Show "Joey Schmidt-Muller - Die Traumatische Sachlichkeit", Galerie Haus zum Wolf, Basel, Switzerland

1989 - 2011

Stay in Sydney, Australia. Bali, Indonesia. Dortmund, Germany

1987 - 1989

Travel to:  Egypt, Turkey, India, Singapore, Burma, Nepal, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Korea, Fiji, Thaiti, New Zealand & Australia

1975 - 1986
Teaching Drawing & Painting, Basel,
Group exhibition, Galerie Katakombe, Basel,
Show, Galerie am Klosterberg, Basel, Switzerland
Group exhibition, Galerie am Klosterberg, Basel,
Art Action & Atelier Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland
Group exhibition, Galerie Schreiner, Basel,

Atelier exhibition, Basel, Switzerland
The early works of the years 1970 - 1986 are, with a few exceptions, in various art collections in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary & Israel.

Collection E. & E. Brodbeck, Basel, Switzerland. Collection Otto Markes, Basel, Switzerland & Carl Laszlo collection, Hungary.

Joey signed his early works under the artist pseudonym "Josua" until 1986.

Trip to Spain & Morocco
Stay in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Galerie am Klosterberg, Basel, Switzerland
Atelier exhibition, Basel,

ART Basel, Galerie Schreiner, Basel, Switzerland

Atelier exhibition, Basel, Switzerland
olo Show "Art Action", Burgfelder Zollhaus, Basel, Switzerland
Group exhibition, Galerie Schreiner, Basel,

Solo Show, Galerie am Klosterberg, Basel, Switzerland

First Solo Show, Hofstetter AG, Basel, Switzerland

1971 - 1972

Travel to: Namibia, Lesotho, Angola, Sao Tome & Principe

Stay in Cape Town, South Africa.

1965 - 1970
Preliminary Course School of Arts and Design Basel, School of Design and Art Basel, Switzerland
Graphics & Retoucher, Publisher & Print, Birkhäuser AG, Basel
Graphic studio Muggli, Zurich
The first works are created. Teacher Franz Fedier (1922-2005), German-Swiss painter of abstract painting and radical avangardist, director of the painting class at the Basel School of Applied Arts. Teacher Gustav Stettler, painter (1913-2005) & Andreas His, painter (1928-2011) at the Basel School of Applied Arts.

Contacts to artists from the Basel scene, whose work influenced my early work. Jean Tinguely (1925-1991). Irène Zurkinden (1909-1987), painter. Joseph Duvanel (1933-1993), painter. Fred Spillmann (1915-1986), fashion designer. Kurt Farner (1932-1977) painter & action artist.


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