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It is my privilege to attend the art fair in Taipei 2018


The selected artworks will exhibit in the preview shows of the art fair at the galleries, also at the Art Revolution Taipei 2018 from the 17th of May to the 21th, 2018


I am looking forward to a collaboration as a visual artist with the Roman
Gallery 11 HellHeaven Contemporary, Italy



A cooperation between Marco Guglielmi ReImmortal, Italy and Joey Schmidt-Muller, Switzerland/Australia


In the art world new ways to go is for an artist a self-evident aspiration. We met in Florence. It was an powerful encounter that will have a dramatic impact on our artistic future for both of us. We will work on a joint project on the same eye level –

the labyrinth


Marco Guglielmi aka ReImmortal is a performer and artist deeply involved in sound research during the last thirty years. He is the author of many projects for theatre and contemporary dance, for exhibitions and avant-garde performances. In the last decade Marco concentrates on performative and visual arts, creating sculptures and installations of arte informale marked by the confluence of all media and by a strong experimental attitude. He has now a leading role in the italian avant-garde scene.


In der Kunst neue Wege zu gehen ist für einen Künstler ein selbstverständliches streben, einen neuen Weg zu finden ist eine Kunst. Ich traf Marco in Florenz. Es war eine Begegnung die für uns beide eine einschneidende Wirkung auf unsere künstlerische Zukunft haben wird. Ein gemeinsames Projekt auf Augenhöhe, das viel Ausdauer und noch mehr Gedankenarbeit in sich trägt.

The labyrinth
A project by Marco Guglielmi Reimortal & Joey Schmidt-Muller

When two impressive artists, from the newer European avant-garde, meet by chance in Florence and decide to work together on a project, this is not unusual at the first sight.
Exceptional is the project, a walk-in labyrinth, a 3x3x3m black cube. Activating all the senses simultaneously in one overall work of art and thus helping the visitor to an extraordinary art experience, requires leaving the beaten track and breaking new ground. Despite the language barrier and the spatial distance Marco Guglielmi, Rom and Joey Schmidt-Muller, Basel has succeeded working together to develop this ambitious project.

The viewer experiences in the labyrinth a rush of the senses, which requires a high degree of receptivity. Joey Schmidt-Muller's painting lures on a visual journey into infinity. Marco Guglielmi let your ears vibrate, your nose discover new fragrances, expand the sense of touch and recalibrate your balance.


Text & Contact: Stefania Minutaglio,


Das Labyrinth

Ein Projekt von Marco Guglielmi ReImmortal & Joey Schmidt-Muller


Wenn zwei eindrucksvolle Künstler, der neueren europäischen Avantgarde, sich zufällig in Florenz treffen und gemeinsam beschließen an einem Projekt zu arbeiten, ist dies zunächst nichts Außergewöhnliches.

Außergewöhnlich jedoch ist das Projekt, ein begehbares Labyrinth, ein 3x3x3m schwarzer Kubus. Alle Sinne in einem Gesamt-Kunstwerk gleichzeitig zu aktivieren und dem Besucher damit zu einem außerordentlichen Kunsterlebnis zu verhelfen, erfordert die ausgetretenen Pfade zu verlassen und neue Wege zu gehen. Trotz sprachlicher Barriere und der räumlichen Distanz ist es Marco Guglielmi, Rom und Joey Schmidt-Muller, Basel gelungen, gemeinsam dieses ambitionierte Projekt zu erarbeiten.


Der Betrachter erlebt im Labyrinth einen Rausch der Sinne, der ein hohes Mass an Aufnahmefähigkeit erfordert. Joey Schmidt-Muller’s Malerei lockt auf eine visuelle Reise in die Unendlichkeit. Marco Guglielmi lässt dabei das Gehör vibrieren, die Nase neue Düfte entdecken, den Tastsinn erweitern und Ihr Gleichgewicht neu kalibrieren.


Text & Kontakt: Stefania Minutaglio,


More infos about the projekt "labyrinth" later

Art occurs in your Head - Kunst ist keine Frage des Fortschritts


Die Traumatische Sachlichkeit / The Traumatic Objectivity


We all wear a mask, so the thoughts of Joey Schmidt-Muller, a mask behind which we try to hide our inner world every day.


They are low-lying springs that bubble out of their imaginative interior, and they let man appear with his fears and feelings, life in all his facets and transience. He finds himself in the footsteps of the human personality, the true ME, unencumbered and without any concealment. Born of the abundance of his own emotions, he inspires inspiration, which he flows outwards in his works. Puzzling, spilled, and lost things break the bonds of the narrowing and thus become comprehensible for him. 


It is this certain tangible reality and dreamlike imagination which, in almost all its characteristic works, is modeled into a profound whole, whereby, with all its practicality, a touch of melancholy and mysticism can not be denied.


His ultimate goal is the clear statement. He deliberately reduces his artistic realization to the essentials. It is the expressiveness of his compositions, in which a language is available, which touches, surprises, astonishes and perhaps also shocks. But not alienation is the goal, but the awakening. His aim is the call to a self-determination which characterizes our inner self and tolerates the stages of knowledge in the evaluation between self-image and reality. Through this process, the illusion of the confidant experiences a new dimension. 


In his artistic genre, Joey also influences the touch points of archaic layers of the Incarnation, because for Joey every human being possesses in his symbolic interpretation something animal, feminine and male. It is the play with the unconscious structures, which inspires him and captivates him and becomes visible in many of his works.


Impressive his works, filigree in a perfect execution of the design and technique. Here is clearly the graphic hand of Joe's recognizing, with which he masters masterfully his thoughts. He describes his form of expression as sober realism without decorative accessories and the presence of an imaginary world. From this point of view, we are concerned here with various possibilities to see the reality.