Nominated for the third time as a finalist in the 2022 International Artist Award (IAC) of Taipei, Taiwan.

Art Revolution 2018 2019 2022

Nominated for the second time as a finalist in the 2019 International Artist Award (IAC) of Taipei, Taiwan. The selected works of art will be exhibited in preview shows in the Taipei galleries and at the Art Fair    "ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2019"


The "China Girl" on the left, won the Silver Award of the "Artist Choice VI", category painting 2021

Nominated for the 2018 International Artist Grand Prize of Taipei, Taiwan. Recommendation by Art Consultant Mr. Mickey Huang, Taiwan

Exhibition in the Chan Liu Art Museum of Taipei, Taiwan, April 2018 and the ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI, Mai 2018

Joey in Taipei - the visual arts are one of the most important tools for thinking about the past and the future.

We all wear a mask, so the thoughts of Joey Schmidt-Muller, a mask behind which we try to hide our inner world every day.